Hi Everyone, 

Thank-you for having me out to do your team and individual portraits this weekend.  I wish you all the very best of luck at the Canada Games with the presumption of skill already displayed that has earned you a spot on Team NB.  The portrait session on Sunday is a slight departure from my normal offering, so I've added some additional options for you to choose from.  Please if you have any questions, call me or email directly.

Bob Davis ([email protected])  506-847-8690



STANDARD PACKAGE PRINTS - Pick one pose from the online gallery, image will be edited and presented in standard formatting (Example 1).  Cost as per standard packages D-G  (E,F,G - prints only, D includes a digital format of same image)

COMBINATION PACKAGE PRINTS - Package A,B,C on order form include one pose per product.  If choosing A-C indicate pose for each product.  Contact photographer for more information or product substitutions.  Items like (Example 3 in Gallery included in package C and higher)

ADDITONAL PRINTS added to above packages are available as item W - Additional 5x7 print for $5.00 each.  These can be a different pose of your selection.  In packages A-D the only image provided digitally is the "main image for the package", the additional images purchased as prints are not included digitally, but can be added for $5.00 more per image.  Example Package D includes one image, but when selecting package C with Sports Mate, the price is $37.00 ... to have the Sports Mate image digitally as well, it will be $5.00 more so final price is $42.00.  Please email or call to confirm if you have any questions.

DIGITALS ONLY - All individual poses from gallery are provided unedited in digital format (Straight from Camera) - This includes choosing 2 poses for standard editing (crop - size of choice/color correction/blemish removal) Example #5 shows sample edit of image #17 - All images made available for digital download watermark removed.  $45.00

TEAM PANORAMIC  - Presented as 12" by 36" print $30.00 each (print focused on whole TEAM) - similar to example 4 with no special player emphasis .. I have more work to do to finalize the final print.  If all players purchase this print, I will also include the digital image to the team.

PERSONAL PANORAMIC - Presented as 12" by 36" print $40.00 each (print puts special focus on player, pulls them out of the team and places in foreground with name, etc...


The standard team photo digitals are provided at no charge to the team.  Thank-you !

Example 1 - 5 referred to in gallery and image 17 example below

Example 1 Example 2 - Wallets