Hi Everyone,

Thank-you for choosing Bob Davis Photography.  We specialize in providing the best photographic memories of your athlete with an excellent selection of photo packages and specialized products tailored to meet every budget.

From the initial planning work with your organization or team, to photo day, to the final delivery of your photo products, we aim to provide the best overall experience in customer service.



This year has been challenging for many sports teams and organizations.  Similarly, we at Bob Davis Photography are addressing this though a mixture of cleaning procedures, social distancing, mask/shield use by photographer and order desk as well as encouraging no "traditional" team photos.  Using green screen technologies, we create team pictures in a socially responsible way by taking photos of team members individually and composting them together for the complete team.  This also helps for those that might miss the regular team photo slot as we can always add someone in later.  Posing of athletes is done verbally or with the assistance of those in the players bubble unless express permission is given at the time to assist in adjusting from a parent.  We take COVID-19 seriously to ensure we stay safe and prevent transmission to our clients.



Our sports order form is attached <<HERE>>.  Please click to download.  You should review the order form prior to arriving for picture day.  If at all possible, print, complete and bring the form along with payment (CASH preferred) as it will help to remove delays for yourself and the team allowing athletes to get back to valuable practice time.



On picture day, we process your order form, collect payment and then take individual photos.   Please ensure you arrive early for completion of order forms and payment processing.  There will be a payment/ordering station setup for this purpose.  Payment is due on photo day.  CASH is preferred and change is provided to keep the lines flowing quickly, although we also accept VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Debit Tap.  Sorry no cheques.  If you have any questions about specific products, please feel free to ask in advance by email at [email protected] or via phone (506) 847-8690.  Please ensure the individual details on the order form are fully completed and printed clearly.  All products are personalized and will be printed as per the order form received.  Incomplete information will be left blank on photo products.

Once the order form is processed, your athlete will bring the form, marked PAID to the photographer.  The form is used to keep track of the order of photos and is also used to identify additional poses required for specific products.  Most players may have 1 or 2 photos taken, others may have more depending on the items chosen.

Unlike school photography, there are no proofs issued for choice.  The photographer will select the best overall expression and pose for photo products.  This process helps to keep the costs lower compared to traditional school photos and allows for a faster processing time and return of products.  If you are interested in an individual photo session with proofing, this is available with a standard sitting fee.  Please contact Bob directly for more details.


Typical delivery times are 2-3 weeks after photo day.  If items are delayed for any reason, we will contact the organization or team affected directly to keep them updated.  Most specialty items are produced locally like mugs, pennants, mouse pads, ornaments, license plates etc .. but some items do need extra time to complete.  To ensure good condition of these specialty products, most need to be picked up directly from Bob Davis Photography.  


For those that will be taking advantage of the digital option (Packages A-D), we will be placing photos online (this site) and providing an email link which will be sent to the email address recorded on your order form.  Please ensure it's printed legibly.  The photos will be kept online for 30 days to allow time to download to your PC, tablet, memory stick, etc.


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