Eastern Canadian Softball Fastpitch Championships Kennebecasis Valley - August 2014


What a Great Tournament.  A great thank-you to my friends at KV Girls Softball Association for the invitation to share in capturing memories for you at the Eastern Canadian Softball FastPitch Tournament.  Unfortunately I couldn't get to see every team in action, but for those I did, below is a link to images captured "unedited proofs" straight out of the camera.

Galleries are here (CLICK)

For those that purchased prints on the field, Thank-you.  Understandably there are a great deal of images to look through during the busy competition, so now that it's over "CONGRATS to COLE HARBOUR COMETS", you can continue to view and choose images that you would like to own.


Reviewing and Selecting Images - You can browse through the gallery and mark images you are interested in by clicking Add to Favorites.  When complete you can review your Favorites to further narrow down any images choices.  The link to your favorites in in the upper left hand corner.

Notifying the Photographer "Bob" of your choices - When you've narrowed down your choice of images, while reviewing your favorites, you can share with myself and others by clicking the "Send to" Button.  This will open up a dialog screen where you enter your contact info and any instructions like "I'd like to get the Mini Poster 12x18, etc ...."  It's also a handy way to share with friends an family :-)

Confirmation and Payment - Once the Photographer "Bob" gets your choices and desire for package, he will contact you regarding payment and to confirm any choices / final info like proper name spelling for personalized products.

Receipt of Images - As most people are from away you will be purchasing the full resolution digital images.  They will be prepared for you to print as many copies as you'd like at your local photo processors or excellent for use on desktops, screen savers, facebook, etc .. So unlimited reprints for friends and family.  I will also provide instructions on settings to give your processor, like "no color correction", etc ...  All images will be distributed via email or this web-site with a secure download link.

Of course if you'd like for me to print the images on your behalf, I will need to confirm any shipping costs for final pricing.

Product Examples:

5x7 - 5.00

8x10 - 12.00

8x10 Action 3 Images - 25.00

Break-Out Grid Fire TemplateBreak-Out Grid Fire Template Break-Out Grid Fire TemplateBreak-Out Grid Fire Template

High Action Customized 12x18 Mini Posters 40.00

 The products above are standard offerings, want something different ?  Larger ?  All you have to do is ask and I'd be happy to discuss custom work, printing on Canvas, etc ... 

 Anytime that a digital image is purchased, especially the Mini Posters, the images are cropped, color corrected, digitally enhanced and player customized.   These aren't your standard IPhone shots :-)  All images requested digitally will be enlarged, cropped to highlight the player.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.  Thanks again !

Bob D.