In preparation for photo day please think of the following:


- Parents,  please bring a brush or comb with you and do any last minute touch ups before you hit the photo mat.  There are a large number of students and we want to get kids in for photos and then back to fun and valuable practice time.  Also, if you can, please print and complete your order form in advance of pictures being done.  Payment will be taken on the same night as pictures are completed.  We prefer cash to keep things moving quickly, as credit card processing does take additional time.  You can use VISA/MC/AMEX  but please be aware there is a $1.00 processing fee.  We will have additional forms and change available as needed.


- Students, we will do two quick poses so be sure to watch the photographer (Bob) when he or one of your instructors demonstrates.

- Coaches, if you could please assists with organizing your groups and keep the traffic rolling.  Once again, pictures are fun ... but then so is Jujutsu :-)


You can find the order form link here :  (Click for order form)  and samples from the last 2 years are shown below to give you some idea of the end product and pose we want to capture.  Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.  The Explosive Action Poster  and the Little Dragons samples are shown below. 


This year we're going to try some green screen.  See image below for individual images.


Last year standard items.




Interested in other samples of my work .. check out the slideshow below.  Thank you for choosing Bob Davis Photography.